Saturday, 24 December 2011

TALISKER 10 YO Single Malt Scoch Whisky

A wonderful award-winning Island malt bottled at above average strength with a comforting smooth afterglow. Strength: 45.8% ABV Appearance: Brilliant gold. Nose: Peat-smoke with sea-water saltiness, the liquor of fresh oysters, a citrus sweetness. Body: Full. Palate: A rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. At the back of the mouth is an explosion of pepper. Finish: Huge, long, peppery finish with an appetising sweetness.
''The Only Single Malt Whisky From The Isle Of Skye''

45.8% ABV - 91.6 Proof

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