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The famous Dominican herbal rum liquor with mythical power. Hispaniola Mamajuana is the true taste of Dominican lifestyle.
Carefully chosen rum, together with honey and white wine are the base of this fabulous liquor. This mix was then laid on a secret combination of the endemic Mamajuana herbs, roots, leaves and spices.

Story tells that it was the Taino Indians, in their search for active substances mother nature had to offer us, who first experimented with this fabulous Mamajuana recipe already 500 years ago. Rumor converted it in a much appreciated liquor of great flavor.

30% Abv- 60 Proof

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Familia Camarena Tequila Reposado is 100% Blue Agave sourced from the Los Altos Highlands region of Jalisco, and distilled at Casa Camarena. This Reposado is aged for 2 months in both new and used American oak.
Fine Tequila doesn't happen by chance. For the Camarena Family, Tequila is a legend more than a century in the making.

In 1860, the Camarenas began cultivating fine altos Blue Agave for Tequila, soon becoming one of Mexico's top producers. Today, the family grows more than 3 million Agave plants, some at an altitude of 7,700 feet in the world's highest Agave fields. The fortuitous combination of elevation, a temperate growing cycle and indigenous red earth in Jalisco's highland region translates to delicate flavor and character in each bottle of Familia Camarena Tequila.

By 1938, Don Agustin Camarena founded the family's first Tequila distillery, Casa Tequilera Casco Viejo (soon to be renamed Casa Camarena), in the town of Arandas. Decades later, Don Agustin's daughter-in-law, Doña Elena Herrera Orendain - the great, great granddaughter of the legendary Don Jose Cuervo - became Managing Director of Casa Tequilera Casco Viejo in 1970. Today, Doña Elena is the Camarena Family matriarch and Casa Tequilera Casco Viejo is among the world's top four Tequila distilleries by volume.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Herbsaint first appeared in 1934. It was the creation of J.M. Legendre and Reginald Parker of New Orleans, who learned how to make absinthe while in France during World War I.
It first went on sale following the repeal of Prohibition, and was unique in its category as an absinthe substitute, as opposed to a pastis.
Herbsaint was originally produced under the name "Legendre Absinthe", although it never contained Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium).
The Federal Alcohol Control Administration soon objected to Legendre's use of the word "absinthe", so the name was changed to "Legendre Herbsaint". The Sazerac Company bought J.M. Legendre & Co. in June 1949. Herbsaint was bottled at 120 proof and 100 proof for many years, but the recipe was modified in the mid 1950s, when Herbsaint began being bottled at 100 proof and 90 proof.
By the early 1970s the 100 proof variation was discontinued, and the 90 proof version remains the predominant Herbsaint available today.
In December 2009, the Sazerac Company reintroduced J.M. Legendre's original 100 proof recipe as Herbsaint Original.

50% Abv- 80 Proof


Obtained from "Ruchè", a particular grape variety from the Castagnole Monferrato district, this Grappa, which is available in extremely limited quantities, has a precious, extremely particular taste which is especially apprecciated by connoisseurs. 43% 70 cl Olfactory evaluation: intense, persistent, aromatic. Gustative evaluation: dry, jet pervaded by aromatic floral (rose and violet) and frity scents.

43% Abv- 86 Proof

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Cognac of around 40 years of age is something of a rarity. Cellar Master Jean-Philippe Bergier has selected and blended this cognac in collaboration with selected "Bouilleur de Cru" families in Grande Champagne. This limited geographical area is in the heart of Cognac. The soil and climate there are perfect for producing unique and exclusive cognacs that need to mature for a long time before drinking. In this instance only the Ugni Blanc grape has been used. Grande Champagne accounts for only about 18% of total cognac production. This Grande Champagne Très Vieille Réserve has been matured in oak casks from Limousin and only seven 350-litre casks are available.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Death’s Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel. Using juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island with coriander and fennel sourced from within the state, Death’s Door Spirits is able to showcase how complimentary and complex simple expressions can be.
Death’s Door Gin employs a 60:40 mix of organic Washington Island wheat and organic malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin.
This Gin has a full London Dry flavor without all of the bitterness because of our distillation process and the grains we use. In fact, you can taste all three botanicals: loaded juniper berries up front; spicy, citrusy notes from the coriander seeds in the mid-palate; and a soft, cooling finish provided by the fennel seeds.
Death’s Door is big enough to stand up to classic or vintage cocktail treatment, but soft enough to be enjoyed on the rocks or as a dry martini

47% Abv- 94 proof

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GLENFIDDICH 12 YO Single Malt Scoch Whisky

Excellent single-malt whisky from the Glenfiddich distillery (which in the Scottish language means “Deer Valley”) is located in a picturesque valley of Fiddich river. The secret of the taste of this 12-year-old whisky lies in its distillate being composed on the basis of cereal and crystal-clear water derived exclusively from Robbie Dhu springs, as well as its 12 year minimum maturing process in oak casks, previously holding Cuban rum, USA bourbon or Spanish sherry. The mild taste of fresh pear and oak flavor are distinguishing marks of this whisky.

Gold Medal 2010
Scotch Whisky Masters

Silver Medal 2009
International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC)

Bronze Medal 2009
International Spirits Challenge (ISC)

Gold Medal 2008
Scotch Whisky Masters

Gold Medal 2008
San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold Medal 2007
International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC)

Gold Medal 2007
International Spirits Challenge (ISC)

Gold Medal 2007
International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

Gold Medal 2005
International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC)

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A blend produced exclusively from Grande Champagne, the first cognac growth, and aged for many long years, reveals a remarkably delicate elegance.

Its bouquet is characterised by the powerfulness and length of the intensely floral aromas, backed by the distinctive vanilla of its rancio. Its mellow roundness on the palate blossoms into a full-bodied fruitiness, with a slight, harmonious hint of liquorice. Pale & Dry X.O comes draped in extremely bright, light amber robes, clear and shot through with flashes of gold, that subsequently reveal its remarkably delicate elegance and distinction.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Matusalem Clasico a classic golden rum, is crafted from select rums aged in new world oak and married in a 10-year Solera system to create a premium rum of superior quality, distinct flavor and exceptional smoothness. Handsomely presented in distinctive packaging emphasizing Clasico's Cuban heritage, this premium rum enhances the flavor of any cocktail- from the classics to today's newer variation.

40% Abv- 80 Proof


2004 Gold Medal- San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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St. George is made with fine brandy, star anise, mint, wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop, meadowsweet, basil, fennel, tarragon and stinging nettles. This infamous liquor reveals seductive flavors of anise complimented with sweet grassy tones, light citrus, white pepper, and light menthol notes. From Wine Enthusiast: "This is a funky, herbal, and brawny absinthe. The dark greenish-brown color louches to a swampy dark green. Earthy aromas include lemon balm, tarragon and star anise; louching brings anise to the foreground. There's pure star anise flavor, with an aggressive, tarragon finish and a big, mouth-coating feel, which oddly grows even thicker with ice water. The apothecary bottle and label design is fun an appealing..."

60% Abv- 80 Proof

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Crystal-clear Mamont is like no other vodka. Outstandingly smooth, delicate and rich toned, its secret lies in uniquely Siberian ingredients and craftsmanship.

Production begins with exceptionally pure water from Siberian artesian wells, filtered through layers of volcanic rock. Grains of finest local wheat are carefully selected. These are painstakingly distilled again and again. A unique treatment with Siberian birch charcoal and triple filtration allow the vodka to achieve a purity, clarity and smoothness close to perfection.

As a special touch, cedar nuts are added as they used to be eaten by the mammoths who roamed the area. Today, like the unique tusk-shaped bottle, they are a reminder of Mamont's Siberian heritage.

40% Abv- 80 proof

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Made by Remy Cointreau, Passoa is made with passionfruit juice and citrus. Like other liqueurs, it is sweet and viscous. However where Passoa stands out is the alcohol content. At just 20%, it lacks the burn and harshness that can haunt other liqueurs. It's incredibly smooth and fruity. Can be enjoyed equally as either a shooter or mixed with other beverages.

Its delicious taste is enjoyed the world over, being the no 1 liqueur in Puerto Rico, no 2 in Holland and no3 in Belgium.

 17% Abv- 34 proof

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Extra Elegance is an exceptional blend eaux de vie mainly from the Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne vineyards, all selected for the superb ageing potential, richness, and complementarity. The Grande Champagne eaux de vie provide excellent length on the palate; those from Petite Champagne give structure and firmness to the body of the cognac; those from the Borderies offer a velvety texture and sweet pastry flavours. After long ageing in cool, damp cellars, Extra Elegance reveals its full quality; exceptional roundness, intense flavours, great finesse and a remarkable velvet finish. This blend produces a cognac wich is as rich as it is sophisticated, and which will deligt the most passionate and demanding of connoisseurs.

40 % Abv- 80 Poof


2010 Gold Medal- World Spirits Award

2008 Silver Medal – Wine and Spirit Design Awards

2007 Platinum Trophy at the Pentawards

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Aged for 45 days in white oak barrels, this 100 percent blue agave tequila is a phenomenon unto itself. Not traditional in any regard, but filled with tradition in every drop.

This bright tequila is magnificent from bottle to glass to palate. It carries its own light. Absolutely perfect for cocktails, Herradura Silver is among the finest tequilas in the world.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

2010 Ultimate Beverage Challenge: Good, Recommended

2010 The SIP Awards Gold Medal

2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal Award

2008 Los Angeles Wine & Spirits Awards Gold Medal

2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal Award

2008 International Wine and Spirits Competition Silver

2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal Award

2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal Award

2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal Award

2001 Wine Enthusiast Magazine, November: 4 Stars

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The 12 natural ingredients of Beefeater 24 are sourced from around the world. Hand-prepared grapefruit and Seville orange peel add a tangy note to the aromatic influence of Japanese and Chinese teas.
Under the watchful eye of Desmond Payne, one of the worlds most experience gin master distiller, the botanicals are steeped in the finest grain spirit for a full 24 hours. Then, uniquely, during the seven-hour distillation that follows, the master distiller takes an Artisan Cut by hand of the finest spirit fright from the very heart of the run. This ensures a more citrussy, softer, contemporary style of gin.
Beefeater 24 is bottles at hight strength (45% ABV), making it long on taste and fragrantly upbeat.

The 12 natural ingredients are Japanese Sencha tea, Chinese green Tea, Seville orange peel, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, juniper, coriander seed, liquorice, angelica root, angelica seed, almond and orris root.

54% Abv- 108 Proof

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The Balvenie Single Barrel is a 15 year old single malt which is drawn from a single traditional oak whisky cask of a single distillation. Whilst each cask is subtly different, The Balvenie Malt Master selects only those casks which have the essential characteristics of The Balvenie Single Barrel, particularly honey, vanilla and oaky notes. Each bottling forms a limited edition of no more than 350 hand-numbered bottles - so each bottle is unique and unrepeatable.

47.8% Abv- 95.6 Proof

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LUCID Absinthe

Lucid is formulated by world renowned absinthe expert T.A. Breaux, and is distilled in strict accordance to traditional French methods. lucid is crafted in the historic Combier distillery, founded in 1834 and designed by Gustave Eiffel in the fabled Loire Valley of France. Each bottle of lucid is carefully prepared by skilled craftsmen, using ancient copper absinthe alembics. Unlike most contemporary imitators, lucid is distilled entirely from spirits and European herbs, and uses no artificial additives, oils, or dyes. lucid recalls the rich tradition of Absinthe, and is crafted using a full measure of Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), Green Anise, Sweet Fennel, and other fine European herbs traditionally used in making fine Belle Époque absinthe.

In accordance with the views of absinthe experts in Europe and the U.S., a genuine absinthe is always distilled directly from a mixture of whole herbs in alcohol, which should be a neutral spirit of agricultural origin. It should never be cold mixed from industrial extracts or steam distilled essences or oils. To be true to tradition, the herbs must include Grande Wormwood (Artemesia absinthium), as well as European green anise and sweet fennel, and can include other culinary herbs. An authentic absinthe vert receives its traditional green color directly from the whole herbs, and should never be colored with artificial colorants or chemicals (e.g., FD&C dyes). Genuine absinthe should never contain sugar as bottled, so it should not be classified as a Liqueur. Finally, a quality, genuine French absinthe will always contain a higher concentration of alcohol to preserve its herbal content and natural green color, 60-72% being typical.

Lucid contains a full measure of Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). By contrast, many other products with a claimed relationship to absinthe only contain Southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum – sometimes referred to as Southern Wormwood). Southernwood bears little resemblance to Grande Wormwood and has a completely different flavor and chemistry. Genuine absinthe, such as the absinthe made during the Belle Époque period in France, has always been made with Grande Wormwood as a key ingredient. In fact, the word “absinthe” itself is derived from the scientific name for Grande Wormwood – Artemisia absinthium.

62% Abv- 124 Proof

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No 209 Gin

No 209 Gin is a brand established in 1882, in Napa Valley. This Gin was created in the 209th distillery and was soon amongst other award-winning spirits. Gin 209 is made by a new recipe, created with a napa winemaker's passionate attention to detail and is crafted with all-natural botanicals, rare ingredients, and is distilled 5 times. The lower quality heads and tails of each distillation are discarded and only the finest "heart" of each small, handcrafted batch is bottled into 1 litre bottles..

46% Abv- 92 Proof

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Consistently recognised as one of the finest XOs in the world, Courvoisier XO Imperial is a very old blend of fine and well-matured cognacs from the exclusive Grande Champagne cru, along with selected aged spirit from the Petite Champagne and distinguished Borderies crus. The perfect balance of intense flavours have been patiently evolved and nurtured for at least two decades.
“Exotic vanilla and cocoa bouquets, spicy amber and cinnamon aromas, and violet floral notes all come together to excite the senses.”

Patrice Pinet, Master Blender

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Distilled near a world benchmark for air purity, 42 degrees below the equator and from GM Free wheat from the purist wheat-fields in the world.
Distilled three times, then the spirit is washed in spring water, reducing the level of alcohol to 6%. This cleans any remaining impurities. It is then distilled a fourth time to create totally pure spirit. This is high saturation distilling, with New Zealand Spring water, which is unique to 42 Below.
42 Below is a smooth, full, grain-based vodka similar in style to vodkas produced in Scandinavian countries, which differ from the potato and rye-based vodkas typical of Russia and Poland. A characteristic of grain-based vodkas is that they have a smoother taste than their rye or potato-based counterparts.
42 Below is batch-distilled just out of Wellington by a distiller with more than 20 years experience in the industry, using water that has attained the highest purity rating possible.

40% abv- 80 proof

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CATTO'S Blended Scoch Whisky

Catto's was first produced in 1861 by James Catto, a highly regarded and world famous merchant and Scotch whisky blending pioneer.
Catto's Blended Scotch Whisky comprises of malt and grain whiskies all of which have been aged in oak casks. This deluxe Scotch whisky is made by selecting only the finest casks resulting in a blend of outstanding character.
Recently redesigned, the bottle is now presented in a unique individual gift carton which retains the traditional Catto's elements that are unique to the brand.
Catto's is a fully matured complex blend, fresh and clean with a lingering, warm finish.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is a velvety-textured single malt whisky, for confident, colourful, dynamic luxury spirit drinkers who like to take the lead. A mature Glenmorangie that is transferred from the original ex-bourbon cask and then extra matured or “finished” in port pipes, shipped from the ‘Quintas’ or wine estates of Portugal. Maturation in the ruby port pipes develops The Quinta Ruban into a voluptuously smooth spirit with a complex balance of sweet and dry flavours that engage the entire palate and envelope it in an intriguing balance of smooth velvet and crisp, cooling textures. Non chill-filtered and with an ABV of 46%, its key flavour notes are rich, chocolately and minty. Aroma: One sniff and you’re immediately transported to a traditional Christmas dinner party, in a candle-lit dining room with the aroma of just-peeled mandarin oranges and Belgian chocolate mint crisps. Walnut shells have been thrown on the roaring fire where their scent mixes with the lingering aroma of nutmeg from the Christmas pudding and the warm, musky scent of sandalwood that emanates from the wood-panelled room Taste: A caress of silk velvet on the tongue gives way to a swathe of rich, dark chocolate-enrobed walnuts leaving in their wake the lemony-rose jelly texture of Turkish delight. Then sugar-coated crystallised orange segments emerge, countered by crisp mint chocolate, adding a chiffon like texture Finish: Lingering memories of dark minty chocolate.

46% Abv- 92 Proof

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The Grappa of Nebbiolo is coming from the noblest piedmontese grape varieties: the Nebbiolo. A grappa with complex sensorial profile and a great personality ontained after a long aging in French Oak barrel. The resulting distillate is wide, rich and fulfilled with scents of flowers fruits and spices (liquorice, venilla, tobacco). The fine distillate is exalted by a special decanter which

makes it a real masterpiece with its colours and reflecting lights.

43% Abv- 80 Proof

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Created in 1928 in Poland, Luksusowa Vodka boasts an 82-year history of premium quality production and a standard of excellence resulting in consistently high ratings, including a 94-point Gold Medal from the 2009 BTI International Review of Spirits Competition. Most vodkas are made from the fermented mash of grain whereas Luksusowa, meaning luxurious, is made from potatoes and is triple-distilled through charcoal. An unrivaled distillation process results in a rich, perfectly smooth gluten-free product and the #1 potato vodka in the world. Luksusowa has been awarded a Silver medal at the 2010 Los Angeles Spirits Competition; 94 points, Gold Medal and Best Buy at the 2009 Beverage Tasting Institute and 2009 International Review of Spirits

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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The Ambre is pure warm comfort. Mellow, rounded, richly aromatic, redolent of prunes and apricots and peaches, it had surprisingly little wood evident. Instead there was light spicy cinnamon and a whisper of vanilla. There's a distinct floral note of roses as well, and a wonderful whiff of fresh fruit pastries baking in the oven, with a wisp of almond paste or marzipan. All Ferrand cognacks are devided from vineyards in the heart of the chalk-rich and mineral-laden soil of the Grande Champagne region.

40% Abv- 80 proof

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BOYD & BLAIR American Vodka

This is a small batch vodka made in Pennsylvania from locally grown potatoes by two guys using a copper still. The result is a softer, creamier style of vodka that is more mild on the palate. The quality of the spirit is obvious upon the first sip - this is vodka made by people who really care about quality and precision. F. Paul Pacult's Spirits Journal has ranked the Boyd & Blair Vodka as the 22nd best spirit in the world, making it the Spirits Journal's top ranked Vodka. Pacult opines, "Wow, this aroma comes flying out of the glass in waves of white potato, starch, and parchment; seven more minutes of aeration don't greatly alter the aromatic profile, but there is a noticeable deepening of the established scents, especially the raw white potato element. Entry is nothing short of luscious, semisweet, chewy, and smooth; midpalate adds cocoa bean, maple, and honey. Aftertaste is graceful, solid, and simply delicious. The best small-scale vodka I've had since the 45th Parallel. So sumptuous and tasty that it's spectacular tasted neat.
Five Stars- Spirits Journal

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Black Seal has a rich, intricate flavour, well balanced and nuanced with butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. Or, as expressed up by the Beverage Tasting Institute when they recently awarded it their highest honour, the Platinum Medal: 'Deep, assertive and highly flavoured. Very fragrant with herbal sharpness. At the finish there is a softness and elegance. A most complex, unusual spirit.'

In the spring of 1806, London wine & spirits merchant James Gosling set out from England aboard the chartered clipper Mercury with 10,000 dollars of merchandise bound for the Virginias. The voyage was a difficult one. Ninety-one consecutive days of calm left the crew and passengers in dire straits and the charter of Mercury was fast running out.
The ship eventually made port in St. Georges, Bermuda, where Gosling and his family decided to set up shop rather than press on to America.

James Gosling opened a shop on King's Parade, St George's in December 1806. To this day the company remains the oldest surviving business in Bermuda and is still a family concern.
The corks were secured in place with the use of black sealing wax, prompting people to refer to the brand as "Black Seal."

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Fine Champagne Cognac 85% Grande Champagne, 15% Petite Champagne. Contains particularly longer aged eaux-de-vie which are 10 to 37 years old. Tasting Note: More richness of flavours. More smoothness. Unique velvet texture. Memorable taste that lingers longer on the palate. Flavour: Delicate jasmine and iris Aromatic Hear: Ripe fig, candied orange and juicy prune Base Notes: Freshly grated cinnamon and oven-baked brioche. The true pleasure of a superior aromatic richness. The taste of excellence. Rémy Martin XO Excellence, the Best of XO, stands out for its texture, complexity and richness, with more smoothness and perfect balance. This superb cognac is for those who demand and enjoy the best in life. This Fine Champagne Cognac has been blended with a symphony of more than 300 eaux-de-vie which are from 10 to 37 years old thereby leading to a myriad of aromas, a unique velvet texture and a longer finish. To vary the pleasure and savour its unique aromas and richness, try it neat, on the rocks or with fine foods; foie gras, chocolate desserts, sweet steamed dumplings.

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London's coolest Gin, is shaking the foundations of a very sleepy category and redefining the Gin experience.
Handcrafted in a 250 year old UK distillery, Bulldog has won major awards globally, but is best known for it's distinctive smoked grey bottle, broad shoulders and iconic spiked collar.
Bulldog is packed with flavour, infused with the flavours and aromas of 12 botanicals, including lotus leaves, lavender and dragon eye – a cousin of the lychee and long heralded as an Asian aphrodisiac.

Bulldog Gin earned the highest ever rating given to a Gin by Wine Enthusiast and was voted a top 50 Spirit in the world by Wine Enthusiast.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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For ten generations, the Nolet family in Schiedam, Netherlands has been distilling the finest hand made spirits using techniques and recipes perfected by Joannes Nolet and his successors since 1691. Ketel One, named after the original distilling kettle number one is hand crafted in traditional pot stills, filtered through charcoal and rested underground in tile-lined tanks until perfect. Only the heart of the distillate, the center of each batch, is considered fine enough to be called Ketel One. The first 100 gallons, and the last, are separated and discarded as being either too harsh or too weak.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Double Gold Medal at the 2007 and 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur is artisinal French liqueur that is available in limited quantities. It is a very light pale gold color and a medium light body. The aroma is primarily flowers and fruit, think of pears and lychee, and is lightly sweet and tart on the nose. The taste is like the aroma, very floral plus lychee's and pears, with maybe the slightest hint of citrus. It has a refreshing tartness up front, a mild sweetness in the middle, with a long finish of the two combined. The taste and smell stays with you for quite a while, filling you mouth and nose with its luscious fruit and flowers.

20% Abv- 80 proof

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Hine Antique XO Premier Cru is a blend of more than 40 cognacs sourced from Grande Champagne - the finest cognac cru - and all aged for a minimum of 10 years. Antique was first created by George Hine in 1920 and nearly a centuary later, is hailed as one of Hine's signature styles.

Only the finest young wines end up creating Antique; carefully and slowly distilled in classic pot stills, the resulting cognac was left to develop in Limousin oak barrels. The rich, complex spices and velvety roundness of the style were drawn from this maturation period. Only once each cognac was aged to perfection was the final Antique blend created.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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La Clandestine is hand-crafted in Couvet, Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe. The brand heritage dates back to 1935, and its small-batch production methods go back to the origins of absinthe in the 18th century. White (or “blanche”) absinthe first exists as a clear spirit before a second coloring step transforms it into green absinthe. Thus, blanche absinthes are the true originals. When absinthe was wrongly banned in Switzerland in 1910, farmers and their wives secretly made absinthe at home for family and friends, returning to the clear style, perhaps to avoid detection. La Clandestine, the world’s most loved blanche, comes from this era and was first distilled by Charlotte Vaucher in 1935. In 2000, Claude-Alain Bugnon received the recipe from Charlotte’s nephew and continued illegal production until absinthe could once again be made openly. Claude-Alain and his wife Karine make La Clandestine in Couvet, the small village in the foothills of the Alps where absinthe was first distilled commercially in the second half of the 18th century. They use the famed local Grande wormwood as well as the unique Swiss savoir faire that comes from well over 200 years of continuous manufacture of absinthe. Claude-Alain is recognized as Europe’s leading absinthe distiller, with more awards than any other, and his absinthes are hand-sold to some of the top bars and retailers in 25 countries.

53% Abv- 106 Proof

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U'LUVKĄ Polish Vodka

U'Luvka is distilled in small batches, by craftsmen, from the finest Polish rye, wheat and barley.
It is fresh, clean and elegant on the nose, with distinct floral notes.
You will find it creamy and lightly buttery in character, with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long vibrant grain finish.
U'Luvka is both new and yet old at the same time. It has roots going back to the alchemists of the 17th century Polish Royal Court.
In those heady days, the tradition was to drink vodka from glasses without bases. This had one unfortunate side effect that the glasses could not be put down until the entire contents had been drunk.
Legend has it that the Court was almost permanently intoxicated and affairs of state were grinding to a halt. Sendivogius, the genius court alchemist, was begged by the King and Queen to distil a a spirit of such exceptional quality that the court could continue to drink all night and work all day. Sendivogius worked his magic and created a Royal elixir of rare quality. The court was saved, and just enough was never again too much.
Alchemy is all about transformation and this is the essence of U'Luvka. Working with Poland's finest modern alchemists, U'Luvka has been recreated the 'unfathomable spell' the result of which is yours to enjoy.
So propose a toast with U'Luvka that encapsulates the ancient and universal traditions and the three abiding principles of U'Luvka, 'To Friendship, Love and Pleasure

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Master of rums and the flagship of the house, Santa Teresa 1796 results from a careful blend of Santa Teresa’s finest aged spirits ranging from 4 to 35 years that is then further aged in a style borrowed from the Spanish sherry producers. Santa Teresa 1796 is the first premium añejo rum in the world to be aged in the Solera method: a cascade process in four levels of oak barrels that combines barrel ageing and cask "crianzas." The blend of añejo (aged) rums enters the top barrels and is aged until it reaches a desired level of maturity. Half of the contents of the top barrels are then transferred to the oakbarrels below that have also had half of their contents removed and transferred to the barrels below and so on until the fourth set of barrels. When the cascade is concluded, the golden liquid is transferred to large Limousin oak casks that, again, are only ever half emptied thus producing even softer and rounder rum. This system is unique in Venezuela and the Rum industry.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Courvoisier VS (Very Special) is a mouth-watering blend of cognacs aged for between four and eight years. Grapes from the Fins Bois and Petite Champagne crus give complex fruity notes, richness and depth unmatched by any other VS on the market.
“An elegant and harmonious cognac with strong notes of fresh fruit and a fresh oaky taste.”

Patrice Pinet, Master Blender

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Jack Daniel's Silver Select Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey returns to the simplest days of the distiller's art when whiskey was crafted and sold by the barrel, each with its own individual taste.
Each barrel of this select whiskey is aged in a unique location within the warehouse where the whiskey's colour and taste mature in extra measure.
Because Silver Select is a single barrel whiskey, bottles drawn from individual barrels offer subtle differences in nose, colour and taste.
To mark its distinctive character, each bottle is hand-labelled with it's rick and barrel number and it's individual bottling date.
It is a single barrel with a singular taste that could only be crafted by the Jack Daniel Distillery.

50% abv- 100 proof

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Williams Lawson's Finest Blend is a blended Whisky combining over 30 grain and malt whiskies, all of which have aged for a minimum 3 years in oak casks. The secret behind the flavour can be attributed to the selection of the fruitiest malts in all of Scotland (in detriment of denser malts) and the characteristic microclimate and fertile soils of the highlands.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Monday, 26 December 2011

HIGHLAND PARK 18YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky

First released in 1997, Highland Park immediately found favour with whisky writers and enthusiasts all over the world. It is a perfectly balanced single malt with a toffee sweetness and a mouthwateringly smokey finish.

It was awarded the ultimate accolade in 2005 and again in 2009, when US spirits writer F. Paul Pacult named it "Best Spirit in the World". He states; "After 25 years' experience, it fits my profile of what makes a perfect whisky, which is to say it's totally in harmony, there are no rough edges and everything is melded together brilliantly."

43% Abv- 86 proof

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"fenom (from phenomenon) is the first modern absinthe delicately refined to surpass twenty-first century taste-makers’ desires. Smooth and lightly aromatic, fenom is authentically hand crafted from traditional herbs including grand wormwood by one of France’s few remaining absinthe experts.

Note from producer;
fenom strays from the perceptions of traditional absinthes and presents a fresh, smooth that is lightly aromatic with subtle herbal undertones, a dramatic departure from the liquors’ typically overwhelming bold flavor. Its lower alcohol content (80 proof/40 percent) and clear consistency lends to an increased level of drinkability, helping to cement its position as a liquor of choice for bottle service, chilled shots and mixed drinks.

With only 63 calories per ounce, the formula is intended to be enjoyed without the addition of water and sugar, although it can be combined with mixers that are typically blended with other liquors like vodka and tequila.

fenom is handcrafted and distilled at a family-owned facility located in Fougerolles, France, that has produced authentic absinthes for more than 100 years. All natural ingredients, including wormwood, fennel, anise, gentian and mugwort are blended together with natural spring water from the Vosges Mountains using a traditional method of manufactur

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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