Tuesday, 31 January 2012


For many years Green Island Superior Light Rum has been the iconic rum of the island and it is with this in mind that Green Island (UK) Ltd has produced a strictly limited 151 overproof edition. With only 2400 bottles being produced each bottle is individually numbered. The rum is made from molasses and is put through a four column still. The final product is a blend of up to 5 year old, oak aged rums which have undergone charcoal filtration to remove the straw colour gained from the ageing process. The character and complexity of the 151 is true to the Superior Light with notes of aniseed, mint, grass and vanilla just being a few of the many hints and flavours to be found in Green Island Rum.

75.5% Abv- 151 Proof

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Sunday, 29 January 2012


The First legal Texas whisky since Prohibition,.
Balcones Baby Blue is made from 100% roasted Hopi blue corn.
Americans have innovated the use of corn in whisky since we first set foot on this continent. Baby Blue is not white lighting nor bourbon. It has the freshness and verve of a traditional corn whisky but with a refined complexity added by brief aging in small oak barrels. It has a round nuttiness and roasty overtones with a smooth finish. By legal definitions it could be labeled as a bourbon, but it is not essentially a bourbon in character. Bourbon is largely dominated by the flavors of the wood in the barrel; the new charred oak barrels give bourbon is defining and recognizable flavors, color and aroma. The brief aging in oak certainly contributes some of the recognizable oak notes and characteristic of bourbon, but these flavors do not dominate the rich corn flavors that have taken so much trouble to impart to the spirit. In any case, bourbon drinkers, as well as other whisky drinkers, will find plenty here to like.

46 % Abv- 92 Proof

Silver Medal 2011- “Best of Category” Corn Whisky, American Distilling Institute

Gold Medal 2010- “Corn Whisky,” American Distilling Institute
Double Gold Medal 2010- San Francisco International Spirits Competition

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Friday, 27 January 2012


Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur was inspired by the French tradition in which sweet and fresh elixirs were fortified by fine eaux de vie and cognac. Spicy and aromatic elixirs became popular with the French during the time of colonial Indochine. Domaine de Canton is inspired by the subtle spiciness of the baby ginger grown locally in modern day Indochine. The result is a recipe which evokes an era of tropical romance and continental sophistication that is both elegant and timeless.

Each bottle of Domaine de Canton begins with the selection of only the finest, fresh baby Vietnamese ginger. The baby ginger is peeled and cut by hand and then, in France's aquitaine region, it is macerated with a blend of herbs and spices to unlock its fresh essence. Domaine de Canton is made in small batches by hand and, therefore, mass quantities are not possible. Each batch of Domaine de Canton boasts a distinctively bright, fresh, yet rich and complex ginger flavor.

Revered for centuries for its health and mystical properties, ginger is a versatile and unique ingredient. Domaine de Canton captures the very essence of fresh baby ginger. It is married with fine eau de vie, VSOP, and XO Grande Champagne Cognacs, which when crafted with fresh Tahitian vanilla beans, Provencal honey, and Tunisian ginseng add both vibrancy and dimension. To maintain the highest quality possible, Domaine de Canton is handmade naturally without preservatives or colorants.

28% Abv- 56 Proof

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Thursday, 26 January 2012


This is an aged, high quality Grappa, which is emblematic of the culture, care and art of distilling. It is produced from the best marc of Trent, from selected vines, and distilled in the typical still. The Grappa is left to refine for over two years in small cherry, ash, oak and robinia casks, each of which lends its characteristic perfume, aroma, colour and flavour. Aging follows nature’s rhythms. Sowly, through time, the wood and Grappa evolve to create full harmony, while the final blend is expressed in the ethereal perfume and the round taste, with a hint of vanilla.
Le Diciotto Lune is a high-profile Grappa, which suggests a variety of different situations for consumption, as an ideal opportunity to stress important and pleasant events.

41% Abv- 82 Proof

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

BLUECOAT American Dry Gin

Bluecoat is an American Dry Gin, unique in flavor profile and unsurpassed in character, five times distilled in the birthplace of America - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bluecoat is craft distilled using organic juniper berries, giving it earthy, spicy juniper notes. When combined with a proprietary blend of organic American citrus peels and other organic botanicals, the result is a gin worthy of the term American Premium.

Bluecoat is distilled in a custom-built, hand-hammered copper pot still. A true batch distillation, the process calls for extremely slow heating of the pot, which allows for maximum separation of alcohols. Impurities are discarded, leaving only the purest, most flavorful alcohols. The result is a spirit that is intensely smooth and invigorating.

No additives and all natural, organic botanicals and batch distilled, Bluecoat American Dry Gin is a revolutionary spirit that is distinctive and superior in character.

47% Abv- 94 Proof

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BAKER'S 7YO Kentucky Straight Bourbon

The mix of grains, yeast, and seven soothing years in new oak combine to give this bourbon a deeply mellow, richly flavorful, medium-bodied taste with a delicious aroma full of fruit and vanilla. Baker's is best served in a snifter with a splash of spring water.

Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of the legendary Jim Beam, Baker's® Bourbon is seven-years-old and hand-bottled at 107 proof. Embracing over six generations of distilling experience, Baker's Bourbon utilizes a special strain of jug yeast that has been in the family for over 60 years. This time tested yeast provides Baker's with a silky smooth texture and consistent taste from batch to batch.

53,5% Abv- 107 Proof

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First introduced in 1975, E&J VS is the flagship brand of the company, and America's most preferred brandy. Popular because it tastes great, mixes well and offers consistent, award-winning quality.

Distilled and aged to showcase the elegance of a fine California brandy, E&J VS has flavors of sweet dried fruit and varietal French Colombard, Folle Blanche, St. Emilion and early Barbera wine grapes, balanced beautifully with subtle notes of toasted brown spice and vanilla. E&J VS Brandy is soft and light-bodied with a crisp, clean finish.

E&J Gallo, use French Colombard, Grenache and Barbera grapes from California to make a base wine that is distill and age to create E&J Brandy.

The distilled spirit is aged in French Limousin oak barrels, where it takes on a beautiful palate of colors and flavors, until alcohol levels settle to about 40 percent. The brandymaker, Scott DiSalvo, adds distilled water along the way to bring the brandy to its proper strength, continually tasting and testing each lot before blending and bottling at just the right moment.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

Silver Medal - 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver Medal - 2010 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Gold Medal - 2009 International Wine and Spirits Competition

Silver Medal - 2009 Los Angeles Wine and Spirits Competition

Gold Medal - 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Competition

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Davna Czeri is a traditionally crafted Polish cherry vodka based on a recipe dating back 180 years. Handpicked ripe cherries from eastern & southern Poland are macerated in rye vodka before being aged in oak and blended with a range of spices including cinnamon, cloves, almonds & vanilla. The resultant spirit is unlike any other product currently available, exuding a sweet, fruity and compelling character that has masses of individuality and immense drinkability. Davna Czeri is a highly versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat over ice or in a multitude of different cocktail recipes. A highly exciting addition to the vodka category, Davna Czeri is surely one of the year’s most exciting releases.

38% Abv- 76 Proof

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Thursday, 12 January 2012


Konik's Tail is produced in limited quantities in accordance with uncompromising Polish vodka-making traditions dating back over six hundred years and handcrafted under the watchful eye of Pleurat Shabani and Bernadeta Ejsmont the Master of the Cellar
A unique blend of the three grains ensures Konik's Tail Vodka is rich in flavour, full of character and distinctly complex.
Three wild Koniks each represent one of the three grains in this unique blend, bringing alive the name and story.

Each bottle is filled and labelled by hand and signed by the Master of the Cellar.
To ensure the integrity of Konik's Tail, all the grains coming to the distillery are furnished with a unique lot number so the grain can be traced back to the farmer's field and the source of the seed.
It's a quality control which ensures the integrity of Konik's Tail the super-premium vodka.

40% Abv- 80 proof

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Sunday, 8 January 2012


Bundaberg UP Rum was the product that the Bundaberg Distilling company was built upon. First distilled in 1888, the product we drink today still faithfully follows the same time honoured process.

Grown in the fertile local soil, the finest cane is sent to be milled at the Bundaberg Sugar Mill next door to the distillery. Rich, sweet molasses is produced, which is then fermented, double distilled, then sealed away to age in Oak vats that to this day are still hand made by a family cooperage.

Aged for a minimum of two years, it is then bottled at 37% ABV, in a trademark bottle that has changed little over the decades. This is based on the same design first introduced in 1961 by Sam McMahon, who introduced the trademark 'Brick', as well as introducing our mate Bundy R. Bear on the bottle.

37% Abv- 74 Proof

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BALVENIE 17 YO MADEIRA CASK Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 2009 The Balvenie released a scotch that is an impressive addition to their fine whiskies, a 17 year old finish-aged in Madeira casks. It is a scotch for those who enjoy the softer side of a Speyside accented with the intriguing characteristics of Madeira wines. As appealing as it sounds, there is a catch: as many of my favorite scotches go, this is a limited edition bottling. Though while it's around it is worthy of a taste and is a great predictor of what a whisky can become with a little Madeira thrown into the mix.
The pack also features notes about the unique flora and fauna of the island, which echo the distinctive flavour of this delicious whisky – comes highly recommended!

48.2% Abv- 96.4 Proof

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Saturday, 7 January 2012


Recognized by connoisseurs as one of the finest distilled spirits in the world, Gran Centenario Anejo is delicious and ocmplex, representing the true expression of unparalleled aging expertise. Aged between 18-36 months in French Limousin oak casks, the unique Seleccion Suave process is used whereby fine quality aged tequila reserves are added imparting unparalleled smoothness and quality. Gran Centenario Anejo has a sweet and honeyed flavor with tantalizing aromas of clove, nutmeg, orange, tangerine, candied fruits, figs and toasted coconut. Similar to a fine cognac, Gran Centenario Anejo is best enjoyed in a snifter as an indulgent after-dinner drink or in decadent cocktails.

40% Abv- 80 Proof



Sipsmith is the first London Distillery to be opened for over 100 years. This, The London Dry Gin, is distilled from the finest English Barley spirit using 10 carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, (a source of the River Thames). The result is an interpretation of the classic London Dry style that pays homage to its heritage, tasting particularly dry with a wonderful burst of juniper and a zesty, citrus freshness. One of the most interesting new Gins to emerge for quite some time.

41.6% Abv- 83.2 Proof

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Thursday, 5 January 2012


Mekhong is Thailand’s national spirit and named after the mighty Mekhong River, which flows along its border.  First introduced in 1941, it is the first and most famous spirit in Thailand. Nowadays Mekhong is a source of pride for the Thai people and has come to symbolise the friendly welcome for which Thailand is world renowned.
Mekhong has a wonderfully smooth aroma and inviting taste that will instantly remind you of the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Mekhong’s amber and reddish copper colour paves the way to a balanced and smooth flavour of spicy ginger, toffee, citrus and vanilla flavours – all fused together to provide a unique and well balanced drink.
Mekhong can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer, or in cocktails, and of course perfectly complements spicy Thai food.
The spirit's versatility has led to the creation of its own signature branded cocktail menu that encapsulates the beauty and flavours found in the Kingdom of Thailand itself.

35% vol- 70 proof

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Born in Boston, USA, around 1902, perfected in Switzerland in 2010, Butterfly offers the best of both old and new worlds. An American recipe and heritage combined with Swiss ingredients and "savoir faire." Butterfly is a joint venture between American absinthe lover and historian, Brian Fernald, and Claude-Alain Bugnon, the Swiss distiller of La Clandestine Absinthe.
While it is impossible to tellif the taste is identical to the absinthe made 100 years ago, the citrus and mint notes are thought likely to have appealed to those who wanted a taste with less anise, and less bitterness.
Re-launched in Europe in 2010, Butterfly is already receiving rave reviews from absinthe lovers around the world (even some people who don't like absinthe normally seem to like it). It has a wonderful thick "louche," and a quite delicious taste.
Enjoy with 4/5 parts of chilled water and in cocktails such as The Butterfly Kiss. Like all absinthe made in Switzerland, Butterfly is distilled (absinthes from other countries may just be "cold mixed"), contains no artificial colours and has no added sugar.

65% abv- 130 proof

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012



Frangelico is produced in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and its origins date back more than 300 years to the presence of early Christian monks living in the hills of the area. Their skills in fine food and drink would have included the art of distilling, especially the use of the wild hazelnuts and other local ingredients to create a liqueur on which Frangelico is based today.
Frangelico’s irresistible hazelnut taste starts with some very special hazelnuts. They even have their own name - Tonda Gentile - and are a speciality of the northern Italian region of Piedmont where Frangelico is produced. Tonda Gentile hazelnuts are known for being bigger, plumper and more uniform, with a skin that sheds easily, allowing for toasting without a bitter taste.

20% abv- 40 proof

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Sunday, 1 January 2012


Pisco Portón is handcrafted using centuries-old distilling methods in combination with new technology to create a mosto verde pisco made from a blend of grapes that is of superior quality and true to Peruvian tradition. To preserve the full character of the grapes, Pisco Portón uses the mosto verde method of distilling from a partially fermented grape juice known as must. Porton pisco is never adulterated with water or artificial flavors. What is in the glass is pure and natural.

This new ultra premium white spirit is made at Hacienda La Caravedo in Ica, Peru, which is home to a new state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly distillery, as well as the oldest distillery in the Americas (est. 1684). Pisco Portón is committed to maintaining a high level of artisanal craft and honoring centuries of Peruvian heritage. Each bottle is individually numbered and bears the signature of Master Distiller, Johnny Schuler.

Pisco Portón uses the mosto verde method for making its pisco, which means that our distillate is made from must (grape juice) that has not completely fermented. This serves to keep some of the natural grape sugars from converting into alcohol, thus putting more flavor and aroma into every bottle. Mosto verde piscos are recognized as being the finest types of pisco, however most producers don’t use this method because it is very labor intensive and requires a large amount of grapes. Fifteen pounds of grapes go into every bottle of Pisco Portón.

43% Abv-86 Proof

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