Thursday, 31 January 2013


BarSol Selecto Italia is a marvelous artisanal pisco 100% distilled from the best selection of Italia grapes from the valley of Ica. The Italia grape is also a favorite amogst consumers of table grapes for its fantastic floral taste and sweetness, especially the ones de the Ica Valley. Hence, BarSol Selecto Italia, is extraordinarily aromatic with hints of honey suckle and lighter notes of rose petals; also of tropical fruits such as melon and ripe pineapple. On the plate, those notes are intensified with citrus hints, with a nice structured and elegant finish.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Novo Fogo Silver Organic Cachaça is rested 1 year in stainless steel tanks. Handcrafted and pot distilled in tiny batches from sugar cane grown on the edge of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. Lime blossom aromas, followed by the savory but slightly kicky taste of sweet red peppers, citrus, and sea salt. The natural can origin revives cleanly in the finish. This spirit begs to meet fresh fruit.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Early August 1291, the three forest cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden signed the Federal Charter of Switzerland. From this day on, the Alp Republic maintained its independent status. Besides snowy mountains and lush meadows, Switzerland is known for its more than 100 years of Absinthe tradition. With the end of Fée Verte prohibition in Switzerland in 2005, Swiss distillers could once again (legally) proove, that some of the finest Absinthe come from this historical region. Suisse Verte is the green brother of our famous Suisse La Bleue. A blend of finest wormwood and 11 aromatic mountain herbs give this Absinthe the enchanted sensations of the Green Fairy

72% Abv – 144 Proof

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Monday, 28 January 2013


A unique and unmistakable recipe has characterized Campari, the aperitif par excellence, for over 150 years.
The inimitable Campari recipe, used as the basis of many cocktails served worldwide, has been kept the same since its inception and remained a closely guarded secret, passed down over the years.
Campari was the result of Gaspare Campari’s experiments in concocting new beverages. It is still produced today with the same ingredients and following the confidential recipe which remains a secret known only to the very few people in charge of the production process.
Campari is the result of the infusion of herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water; these last two being the recipes only known ingredients. Many have guessed simply at the number of ingredients: some say there are 20 or 60, but others list the ingredients at 80.
Over time, appreciation and respect has grown for this historic and unique brand, which is now recognised and appreciated worldwide.
The history of Campari began in Novara in 1860. About forty years later, Campari's first production plant was opened in Sesto San Giovanni and the company began to export the brand overseas. It was the beginning of a success story that today still has no sign of stopping.

25% Abv- 50 Proof

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Sunday, 27 January 2013


Leblon Cachaça is produce at distillery in Patos de Minas, in the heart of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company combine traditional approaches with creative European winemaking techniques to create a Cachaça that is extra special. Gilles Merlet, famous master distiller from the Cognac region of France, takes Cachaça to a whole new level with his ‘French touch,’ transforming distillery in Patos de Minas to the state-of-the-art Maison Leblon. Gilles produces small batches using alembique copper potstills, then polishes the Cachaça in XO Cognac Casks for an ultra-smooth taste. The Cachaça is then blended across batches for flavor complexity, body, and aroma.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Saturday, 26 January 2013


The muscatel grapes, which later become marcs, ripen on the hills of Castiglione Tinella, Santo Stefano Belbo, Calosso and Castigliole d’Asti. They are soft-pressed and then fermented in silos. After being distilled in the “Guillaume” discontinuous copper steam-still of Angera, they are stored in new medium-toasted barriques of Allier and Limousin oak for a period of no less than 18 months.

42% Abv- 84 Proof

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Friday, 25 January 2013


Luxardo Maraschino Originale is a classic, and the Luxardo family still produces this wonderful liqueur according to the original formula used by Girolamo Luxardo in 1821. The patented, hand-woven, straw-plaited round bottle has become an iconic symbol of the brand. Maraschino is one of very few liqueurs produced by distillation. It is made from the Luxardo Marasca cherry, a sour cherry variety cultivated exclusively by Luxardo in the Veneto region of Italy. It is aged 3 years in Larchwood, and the distillate is allowed to mature for one to two years in Finnish Ashwood vats – a wood that does not lend its color even after many years of maturing. The spirit is then diluted and sugared.

32% Abv – 64 Proof

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Glenfiddich 40 Year Old is an exquisite single malt whisky created using the remnant vatting system. Each year, our Malt Master hand selects truly exceptional casks and marries them with the remnant of previous 40 year old vattings. This unique process results is a peerless single malt Scotch whisky of infinite richness and harmony.

With only 600 bottles released worldwide each year, each vatting is eagerly anticipated by connoisseurs the world over. Previous releases of this masterpiece have received numerous prestigious industry awards and it is the only whisky to ever win the industry's two most prestigious trophies in the same year.

The quality and heritage of this whisky is reflected in the packaging. The uniquely shaped bottles, which have a thick glass base, are individually numbered, hand-signed, and encased in a luxury hand-stitched calf leather case, This luxurious package, complete with lock and key, comes with a matching leather bound book detailing the whisky's unique history. Also included is a correspondingly numbered certificate that has been hand-signed by Peter Gordon and four of the distillery's long-serving craftsmen, David Stewart, Don Ramsay, Eric Stephen and Dennis McBain.

45.8% Abv- 91.6 Proof

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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Rested a few weeks in grand cru sauternes wine casks and cognac barrels, Excellia™ Blanco is clear with a faint of gold shade. The nose reveals cloves, tobacco and toast/brioche notes. On the palate, Excellia™ Blanco is complex with a mix of spices, vanilla, fruits and leather aromas. The finish is long on the mid-palate and presents dried spices and faint jasmine notes.Excellia™ Blanco is the best example yet of a well-made blanco Highland tequila that dares to use, expertly, the sort of delicate flavours usually only seen in an añejo or extra-añejo, without losing the classic focus and strength which makes blanco the favourite tequila category among many connoisseurs.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Distilled and bottled in one of the oldest distilleries in the ICA valley, BarSol Primero Quebranta is produced from the wine resulting from the first pressing of 100% Quebranta gapes from the Ica Valley.
Adhering to the classic pisco pot distillation method used for centuries in Peru, Barsol Primero Quebranta is crafted in small batches and distilled to bottle proof; neither water nor any other ingredients are added, thereby creating an exceptional spirit of exquisite purity, clarity and smoothness.
Highly awarded for its superior taste, BarSol Primero boasts subtle aromas of pear and ripe fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes that evolve into a seductively long andelegant finish. Definitely, a connoisseurs delight.
BarSol Primero is the Perfect Pisco to make the best pisco sour!

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Made with Finland's purest glacial spring water and the six-row barley. Natural perfection is born by gently passing the vodka over a bed of fresh indigenous Finnish birch chips.
Finlandia Platinum Vodka is then finished with the slow arctic chilling to ensure the ultimate smoothness. The result is unsurpassed vodka with a unique, distinctive character and a cold, crisp taste to be savored with each sip.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Monday, 21 January 2013


Unlike most clear rums, Don Q uses a multiple distillation system to produce a cleaner, more refined, and more delicate flavor profile. So a Don Q drink will sip smoother than a drink made with another rum. So smooth, in fact, that you can substitute Cristal in a vodka drink, and most won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s then aged in American White Oak barrels to impart a touch more smoothness.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Toiteach (pronounced Toch Chach) embraces a powerful proposition: the foundation for a variation on the famous Bunnahahain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. What if a touch of smoke from the peated malted barley was introduced in the distillation process? The Islay character is quite distinctive from that of the Bunnahabhain single malt, known for its gentle taste. Toiteach means smoky in Scots Gaelic, reflecting the seeming contradiction that this peaty paradox represents.

This bottling offers the connoisseur an opportunity to try something truly unique and beguiling in nature. The liquid has been masterfully distilled and quietly matured at the distillery, never for a moment leaving Islay during this process.

46% Abv- 92 Proof

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Saturday, 19 January 2013


MacArthur's Blended Scotch Whisky has been held in high esteem since 1877 and invokes some of the splendour and tradition associated with the ancient clan MacArthur.

Carefully selected regional malts and superior grain whiskies have been expertly blended to create this robust and full flavoured scotch which has become a firm favourite for customers around the world. MacArthur's Blended Scotch Whisky takes its name from the ancient MacArthur Clan of Argyllshire in Scotland who fought alongside Robert the Bruce in the struggle for Scottish independence.

The MacArthur's blend is appreciated by those connoisseurs who enjoy an medium bodied, uncomplicated whisky. It is a softly aromatic blend with a smooth, mellow palate and a fresh lingering finish.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

Friday, 18 January 2013


"Das is ein UNICUM", told Kaiser Joseph II when he first tasted the drink to the Zwack predecessor who, as the royal physician, created this drink speciality in 1790. That is how the drink gained its current name and the name speaks for itself...
Unicum became the most popular brand among drinks in Hungary, as it has continuously represented excellent quality, distinctive taste and Hungarian tradition for over 200 years. Although Unicum's recipe is kept secret, that much is certain that it is made of a mixture of over 40 different kinds of carefully selected medicinal herbs and spices. Its unique bittersweet taste and exclusive harmony is brought to perfection by a 6-month period of aging in oak casks.
Thanks to the beneficial effects of Unicum, it can be a introducer or closer of meals. It may be drunk chilled but its grand complex of flavours can be best enjoyed at room temperature. It can be taken with dried plums soaked in Unicum (the order being plums-Unicum-plums) or as a long drink.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Square One is the world's first certified organic rye vodka. It is handcrafted from 100%-certified organically grown rye grown in North Dakota and produced with an unprecedented organic fermentation process. Using only a single distillation in a four-column still, the resulting spirit is richer and smoother than any vodka on the market. The staff was lucky enough to meet Allison Evanow the Co-Founder of Square One. They were very impressed by the quality of the vodka and feel that it is one of the best vodkas they have tried in a very long time. Lively aromatics, amazing sweetness, spice, richness on the palate with a finish that doesn't want to let go of your palate.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Pikesville Rye Whiskey was distilled under an old Maryland formula and stored in selected charred white oak casks in modern warehouses to age and mellow.

Rye whiskey, once the most recognizable American whiskey, has enjoyed a renaissance in the past decade thanks to the rebirth of the cocktail culture. Rye enjoys a spicier, more robust body perfect for balancing some of the great classic cocktails.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Corralejo Anejo is aged for 12 months in barrels of new American oak, burnt at the inside in order to achieve its smokey taste. It is the finest example of the master's ability and skills. It is filled into red bottles. In Mexico red color stans for prosperity. To show the respect for it they always stand up to drink it.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

2006 – Gold San Francisco Wine Spirits Competition

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Monday, 14 January 2013


Carolans Irish Cream is a unique tasting, high quality Irish cream liqueur that was developed in 1978 and first launched in the UK in July 1979. Since then the brand has grown steadily and established itself as the world's no. 2 Irish cream liqueur, marketed in over 80 countries.

It is the marrying of two traditions with Irish expertise that lies behind the success story of Carolans. Carolans combines Irish spirits and whiskey with rich double cream and derives its superior taste from the subtle blending of flavours, principally honey.
Honey is particularly appropriate for a drink produced in Clonmel – the word "Clonmel" is derived from the Gaelic "Cluain Meala" which means Vale of Honey.
Clonmel, in County Tipperary, is also set in Ireland’s famed "Golden Vale", probably the best natural dairyland in the world. Only the best suppliers are considered, since the cream is such a vital component (making up nearly 40% of the product). It is this uncompromising quality and use of the finest cream that gives Carolans such a smooth consistency.

17% Abv- 34 Proof

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Friday, 11 January 2013


Each blade of bison grass is hand-picked, selected and dried under natural conditions. Grass prepared in this way is later used to obtain an extract, which is later combined with the best-quality pure vodka. Then, the liquid is filtered until it adopts a beautiful, golden color, as well as a mild taste and flavor. A blade of bison grass is hand-placed in each bottle, thus accentuating the natural origin of Żubrówka.
This vodka has a 600-year old tradition and history.
The production of a bottle of Żubrówka takes 44 days.
As early as in the 14th Century, Polish nobility “seasoned” vodka with bison grass. It was believed that wild bison grass is a true aphrodisiac and endows its consumers with the power of a bison.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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