Saturday, 24 December 2011

MATA HARI Absinthe

Mata Hari is an elegantly flavored, authentic, mixable absinthe made with Grand Wormwood which boasts a natural, authentic herbal green color and the ability to generate the distinctive "louche" or clouding effect when mixed with cold water. All of this sets Mata Hari apart as truly exceptional, authentic absinthe. "Mata Hari is a great absinthe for the newcomer and absinthe devotee alike," says Gerry Fischer master distiller and great great grandson of the Fischer Family Distillery's founder. "Unlike other absinthes, Mata Hari drinks like a prestige, top shelf liquor. Mata Hari's taste is perfect in a cocktail like a top shelf vodka or gin -- or, it can be enjoyed diluted with water in the traditional manner."

60% Abv - 120 Proof

Gold medal World Spirits Award 2008

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