Tuesday, 27 December 2011


La Clandestine is hand-crafted in Couvet, Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe. The brand heritage dates back to 1935, and its small-batch production methods go back to the origins of absinthe in the 18th century. White (or “blanche”) absinthe first exists as a clear spirit before a second coloring step transforms it into green absinthe. Thus, blanche absinthes are the true originals. When absinthe was wrongly banned in Switzerland in 1910, farmers and their wives secretly made absinthe at home for family and friends, returning to the clear style, perhaps to avoid detection. La Clandestine, the world’s most loved blanche, comes from this era and was first distilled by Charlotte Vaucher in 1935. In 2000, Claude-Alain Bugnon received the recipe from Charlotte’s nephew and continued illegal production until absinthe could once again be made openly. Claude-Alain and his wife Karine make La Clandestine in Couvet, the small village in the foothills of the Alps where absinthe was first distilled commercially in the second half of the 18th century. They use the famed local Grande wormwood as well as the unique Swiss savoir faire that comes from well over 200 years of continuous manufacture of absinthe. Claude-Alain is recognized as Europe’s leading absinthe distiller, with more awards than any other, and his absinthes are hand-sold to some of the top bars and retailers in 25 countries.

53% Abv- 106 Proof

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