Monday, 26 December 2011



'9 Lives' is an Old Tom gin, which is a style of gin that was particularly popular in the 18th Century and the Gin of Choice in the 19th Century. Today, it is making a bit of a comeback as it can be used to recreate classic gin cocktails more authentically. The name 'Old Tom' comes from what was perhaps the first example of a drinking fountain - a painted sign of a cat in the window of a pub, which declared the message that gin could be purchased 'by the cat'. Gin could be received via a lead pipe under the cat's paw. The name '9 Lives' harks back to this intriguing aspect of the history of gin. The gin is bottled and distilled in London, so I have used Clarendon, which is English, for the main typeface on the label and for the logo."

43% Abv- 86 Proof

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