Friday, 30 December 2011


Extra Elegance is an exceptional blend eaux de vie mainly from the Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne vineyards, all selected for the superb ageing potential, richness, and complementarity. The Grande Champagne eaux de vie provide excellent length on the palate; those from Petite Champagne give structure and firmness to the body of the cognac; those from the Borderies offer a velvety texture and sweet pastry flavours. After long ageing in cool, damp cellars, Extra Elegance reveals its full quality; exceptional roundness, intense flavours, great finesse and a remarkable velvet finish. This blend produces a cognac wich is as rich as it is sophisticated, and which will deligt the most passionate and demanding of connoisseurs.

40 % Abv- 80 Poof


2010 Gold Medal- World Spirits Award

2008 Silver Medal – Wine and Spirit Design Awards

2007 Platinum Trophy at the Pentawards

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