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"fenom (from phenomenon) is the first modern absinthe delicately refined to surpass twenty-first century taste-makers’ desires. Smooth and lightly aromatic, fenom is authentically hand crafted from traditional herbs including grand wormwood by one of France’s few remaining absinthe experts.

Note from producer;
fenom strays from the perceptions of traditional absinthes and presents a fresh, smooth that is lightly aromatic with subtle herbal undertones, a dramatic departure from the liquors’ typically overwhelming bold flavor. Its lower alcohol content (80 proof/40 percent) and clear consistency lends to an increased level of drinkability, helping to cement its position as a liquor of choice for bottle service, chilled shots and mixed drinks.

With only 63 calories per ounce, the formula is intended to be enjoyed without the addition of water and sugar, although it can be combined with mixers that are typically blended with other liquors like vodka and tequila.

fenom is handcrafted and distilled at a family-owned facility located in Fougerolles, France, that has produced authentic absinthes for more than 100 years. All natural ingredients, including wormwood, fennel, anise, gentian and mugwort are blended together with natural spring water from the Vosges Mountains using a traditional method of manufactur

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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