Thursday, 23 February 2012


Agwa De Bolivia is herbal liquor contain 40 grams coca leaf per litre hand crafted in Amsterdam
enhanced with 36 other natural Herbs & Botanicals such as; Argentinian guarana, Ginseng, Argentinian black mountain tea, Chinese green tea, African mint and Lavender...

The Coca Leaves are picked above 2,000 meters and arrive (in the freshest state possible) in 2,000 kilo bales west of Amsterdam to the first facility and are immediately macerated into a 'Tea'. The month of August sees the first fresh growth of leaves and these are chosen for the Agwa De Bolivia recipe. This (tea) liquid is pot distilled to a strength of 72%-82% depending on the leaf

The pure coca leaf distillate is then 'rested' before being forwarded to a new facility where 36 other herbs and botanicals are added. The taste is rounded out to create a most complex and harmonious blend of flavours, handcrafted by Wim Koolhaus, a world class master blender and favouroligist
This potent high strength formula is then transported to a third facility and reduced to 30% ABV with the purest 5 times distilled, grain neutral spirit, water, lime juice concentrate, and fruit sugars. The liquid is then tank rested, tasted, and carefully checked and matched to control pre-bottling

30% Abv- 60 Proof

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