Monday, 15 April 2013


In Roman Mythology Fortuna was the Goddess of fortune, and your fate would be forever determined by just one spin of her wheel.
She brought good luck and prosperity to those who believed in her powers by guarding their fields.
Ron Fortuna is a manifestation of the Goddess' powers.
She spread her wealth onto the fields in which the sugarcane grew to create this magnificent rum

The sugarcane used for Fortuna is blessed to have great output for a small terrain in which it grows. All the honey used from the sugarcane is then distilled using column stills. This process is repeated five times to create the finest rum in the world.
The rum is carefully filled into white oak American barrels. These barrels are stored in a natural facility on the lands where the sugar cane grew. This allows the rum age in the same pristine environment that it came from. The rum are aged for a minimum of eight wears, but can range up to ten.
Age is a mere aspect of importance for the selection of the rum. Ron Fortuna is created by cherry picking the cask that master blender belive have achieved perfection.This is an on going process of analyzing the rum that have reached maturity but only picking the exceptional ones to be part of this blend.
The botling is made by the lates and most sophisticated equipment in the industry and the rest of the bottling procedure- blending, labeling and packing are carefully achieved to perfection by hand in the true essence of a small batch rum.

40% Abv- 80 Proof

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