Saturday, 4 May 2013


South Sea is a blonde ‘agricole style’ sipping rum crafted with the free-run juice from the first pressing of hand-selected Queensland sugar cane crops using environmentally friendly practices. Distilled as two separate batches, one in a pot still the other in a column these are than blended before laying to rest and finished in old and new American oak for no less than two years allowing nature to work its magic. Finally, it receives a final polish before bottling out of the barrel, ensuring that there is minimal interference and no charcoal filtering to strip the flavour prior to bottling in the unique striking bottles. The result is a rum with subtle smoky and vanilla notes that is sweet and creamy on the nose with a long, dry finish.
The complex nuances in both flavour and creation introduce a remarkable new rum experience demanding attention.

40% Abv – 80 Proof

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